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Intelguard Ltd.

The Company

IntelGuard is a Security Systems company, dealing with the development, manufacturing and marketing of a unique screening and alarm independent (solar energy operated) system, practically a transparent optical fence within the range of the invisible light. The system is aimed for perimeter protection applications in the field of Homeland Security & Defense: borders, airports and airfields, seaports, military, navy and air forces bases, infrastructure and transportation, and many other security sensitive public and private organizations, institutions, industry plants, buildings, and premises.

The Problem

The World Market for Homeland and Defense Security equipment and services has grown significantly in recent years, mainly driven by the terrorist attacks on 11/9 in the USA and in the last years in Europe and the Far East. Security became a prime concern of governments, institutions, industries and many others. The subject has been anchored in specific legislation, led by the USA and followed by Europe and others, agencies has been instructed to see the issue as critical and urgent and take actions. Hundreds of billions have been devoted to make the world a safer place. The spectrum includes all aspects of homeland and defense security – civilian and military possible targets: airports, seaports, strategic and infrastructure facilities, national borders, government agencies, military, navy and air force bases, research institutes and more. The activities cover sectors such as perimeter protection, access control, the public protection, equipment and buildings protection and more. There an intense and continuously increasing demand for better security technologies and means.

In addition to precautions being taken to prevent possible terrorist activities, a rapid increase in all categories of crime in recent years has led both government and private institutions to allocate greater resources for security upgrade on all levels.

During the 2006-2015 period, the Worldwide “total defense” outlay (military, intelligence community, and Homeland Security/Homeland Defense) is forecasted to grow by approximately 50%, from $1,400B in 2006 to $2,054B by 2015. The worldwide Homeland Security (including the private sector) outlay is forecasted to grow by nearly 100%, from $231B in 2006 to $518B by 2015 - assuming no new major attack.

Where the Homeland Security outlay was12% of the world's total defense outlay in 2003, it is expected to become 25% of the total defense outlay by 2015. This reflects a shift which originates from the restructuring of defense budgets in order to be better prepared to address the threats of terror.

Market Potential

Potential Market Size –Summary (detailed figures in Appendix 1):
Civilian Targets (World)

Airports and airfields (see Appendix 9)


Security sensitive facilities

Total Civilian Potential Targets

Military Targets (World)

Air bases and facilities

Army bases and facilities

Borders (national frontiers) in Km.

Total Military Air and Army bases & facilities

Total Number of Potential Targets

Total Potential Market in product units (columns)

Total Potential Market in US$ Billions *
$ 3.8 Billions

* At $ 2,750 a unit (ex-factory price)

Technology (product) Description

The IntelGuard “Vilon"™ is a very distinctive system, solar energy operated, for application in the fields of Homeland Security and Homeland Defense.

The system allows for detection of an object that interrupts the continuity of light rays within the IR (infra-red) range. Such rays are emitted by 8 light sources only which produce 64 interlaced cross-cutting lines, in the range of 10 to 100 meters long. The system allows for a range up to 200 meters long, but deployment and effective operation of the system over 100 meters may be difficult due to objective topographic conditions. Proprietary smart software allows for operation of the system, communication and event management.

The unique advantages of the system include:

The system forms a transparent optical barrier in the range of the invisible light, allowing for detection, recognition and alarm of threatening targets that interrupt the continuity of the light rays.
The detection columns are independent units, without cables infrastructure and without external sources of energy, operated by built-in solar cells.
The system filters noises and false alarms using comparative analysis with data kept in a database installed in the Control Room. Provides alarm signals only on threatening targets, so allowing the operator activate the needed forces and means against the infiltrators in the protected area.
The distance between columns is in the range of 10 to 100 meters long. The system allows for a range up to 200 meters, but the deployment and effective operation of the system over 100 meters may be difficult due to objective topographic conditions.
Proprietary smart software packages allow for operation of the system, communication and events management.
Can be combined with flexible Control Boards, as from a miniature light bulb and buzzer up to a Control and Alarm System with computerized graphic interface.
Continuous operation, high quality, reliable and low cost solution to the problems of Homeland Security and Defense.

The Team

Haim Shahar, founder and CEO, R&D Manager

Erez Guernitzky, Head of Software Development

Chava Keynan-Jukin – R&D Staff - Electronics Practical Engineer

Svetlana Vakshtein – R&D Researcher, Software Development

Company Status

Up until today, IntelGuard has finished the development of the IR part of the hardware and is now developing the programs that controls the systems performances.

A patent application is ready and will be filed very soon. Main elements of The System which will be covered by the patent: energy independent system (solar energy operated), column stability system, sun protected (against sun brightness), and more.


Currently day IntelGuard is searching for a Strategic Partner to invest on it’s product.


Haim Sibony, 972-528209119

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