Advanced R&D Coating Center

Our coating research center offers research and development projects of surface treatments (nitriding, oxidizing, boriding and carburizing) and tailor made coatings from versatile materials (metals, ceramics, polymers etc.) and their composites using advanced coating technologies. By means of skilled scientists, advanced facilities and decades of experience in thin film and coating technologies, we developed highly controlled processes providing uniform, dense films with tunable compositions. Our designed films with thickness ranging from tenths of nanometer to several tenths at the micrometer scale can be highly beneficial for a wide number of applications: Wear, oxidation and corrosion resistant coatings, high temperature resistant coatings, antireflective coatings and more.

Synthesis and fabrication of thin films and coatings are carried out using coating vacuum systems. Using such systems, deposition is peformed under a sub-atmospheric pressure while the driving force to a specific process is the form of energy applied to the system (thermal,  electric power, etc.).

At the Advanced R&D Coating Center we perform a wide range of coating processes using veratile techniques based upon vapor deposition: Physical vapor deposition (PVD) and chemical vapor deposition (CVD) techniques.