1Rotem Industries’ Crystals Division pioneered the development of sapphire single crystals domes more than 45 years ago. Since then Rotem has been producing sapphire domes & sapphire windows for Aerospace, Defense and Optics applications.

Rotem carries out R&D, manufacturing and marketing activities mainly aimed at the high quality defense market (“smart components”) and Optics (especially sapphire domes & sapphire windows).

The sapphire-components production line of Rotem is ISO-9001 certified since 1994.

In recent years Rotem has been investing efforts in the reliability enhancement of sapphire crystals and will continue in the future.

A Remarkable Technological Breakthrough by Rotem Industries is the Hyper Hemi-Spherical Sapphire Domes, or above 240° hemisphere  .

Those domes in various diameters, specially designed for advanced DIRCM/CIRCM systems due to its wide viewing angle.

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