ECMC Services

Numerical Models and Simulations

The execution of numerical analyses using methods of finite elements or finite volumes by using advanced software. ECMC offers simulations and different ways of cooperation with clients in order to optimize the design and development process.

ECMC has extensive professional knowledge in these areas and it has in its possession leading commercial software among which are:

  • ANSYS™ – for the calculation of CFD, heat and mass transfer (FLUENT) and structural mechanics.
  • EES, MATLAB, MATHCAD™ – for the building of tailor made and unique semi analytical models.
  • COMSOL Multiphysics – for the solution of problems involving multidisciplinary coupled physics.

ECMC is a certified consultant for COMSOL Multiphysics.



Development and design, verification and validation of various systems

The development, design, verification and validation of advanced and unique components and systems:

  • Advanced thermal insulation.
  • Design of pressure equipment and vacuum systems according to commonly used and recognized codes and standards.
  • Design of solar receivers, for high and low temperature applications
  • Design of solar storage devices
  • Design of transportation systems
  • Electronic Packaging design
  • The design and development of all types of mechanical systems is done by using mainly the SolidWorks™