Engineering & Computational Mechanics Center

The Engineering & Computational Mechanics Center (ECMC) offers engineering solutions that combine system development and design in a professional and methodological way, using advanced tools and procedures.

ECMC specializes in design and development including: in-house development of numerical models adapted to the needs of the client, performance of simulations based on commercial software, design and development of various types of complex mechanical systems, model validation and verification.  For more than 20 years ECMC/ROTEM are involved in the development and design of Renewable energy projects, Solar energy and heat and power systems.

ECMC’s team consists of engineers and experienced specialists in design, calculations, flow simulations, heat transfer, structural mechanics and additional areas of mechanical engineering.  The existing professional know-how found at ECMC, together with the advanced software and operating experience, allow for the execution of complex design and development projects in a wide field of engineering expertise and knowledge.

ECMC design and development is based on a methodological and proven engineering process that starts with the establishment of design requirements, through design and design reviews and final project reports. When required, quick feasibility checks can be performed prior to entering a full scale project.

ECMC has the ability to combine the capability and the expertise of the ECMC’s team with the advanced software in its possession.  ECMC operates advanced software for calculations and simulations such as:  COSMOL Multiphysics, MATHCAD, MATLAB, ANSYS and ABAQUS. This combination allows for the design and development of complex projects that require the coupling between varied fields of engineering such as:

  • Heat and Mass Transfer • Fluid Dynamics •   Structural Mechanics • thermodynamics • thermo hydraulics • multi physics simulations

ECMC works according to Quality Assurance standards and is qualified to ISO 9001:2008, Design and development of mechanical systems, certificate no. 71247.