Green Energy Innovation Center

Our technological and scientific centers of excellence are currently engaged in various innovation and R&D projects in the Green Energy domain. Our technological centers support and provide advanced technological assistance and work packages to various companies, research institutions, startups and entrepreneurs.

We offer a multi-disciplinary center with a range of unique capabilities and expertise, in the diverse segments of the green energy space. These centers of excellence accumulated vast experience and distinctive proficiencies, and can be deployed to promote and assist technology development and industrialization.


  • Mechanical Engineering, thermodynamics & Computational Simulations
  • Metallurgy & Materials Knowledge Centers and Labs
  • Thermal Solar Energy Applications Technological Center
  • Hydrogen Storage Research Center
  • Detection and Monitoring of Radioactive & Hazardous Materials
  • The Center for Geology & Hydrology Applied Research
  • Meteorology
  • Optics
  • Center for Environmental Services
  • Standardization & Quality Management
  • Center for Electricity & Electronic Applications
  • Center for Advanced Manufacturing Technology
  • Inorganic Chemistry Labs
  • Analytical chemistry laboratory
  • Coating labs
  • Applied Physics Knowledge Center
  • Failure Analysis Center
  • Electricity and Renewable Electricity Sources
  • Hazardous Waste Treatment & Removal