Health and safety

Rotem Industries is a governmental owned company, assigned to commercial applications and business development of technologies, processes and products originating from Rotem Industries LTD.

Rotem Health & Safety came into the world in 1998, at first as a department within Rotem Industries, relying on the great knowledge and experience accumulated in Rotem Industries in the environmental and safety disciplines. The top level set by the needs of the government assures the demands of the market in the matter of safety in the industrial, military and security fields.

In May 2008 Rotem Health and Safety became a subsidiary and took a step forward towards a promising future of prosperity and growth.

Rotem Health & Safety is a distribution company specializes in assuring the requirements of standards for its wide range and variety of safety, health and environmental care products.Our valued clients range from sole traders through industrial market and multi-national corporations including the military and national security forces.

Rotem Health & Safety is the exclusive distributor in Israel of leading companies such as “SCOTT HEALTH and SAFETY”, “NORTH SAFETY”, “SALISBURY”, “INDUSTRIAL SCIENTIFIC”, “PAN TAIWAN”, “SACLA”, “BOLLÉ SAFETY”, “NOEFUE”, “ELVEX”, “TVI”, “SAFETY TECH”, “SAVA”, “PIERCAN”, “ULTRA-TECH”, “LAKELAND”, “JUSTRITE”, VENUS”, “R.S.G. Gmbh”, “INDUTEX”, and many more.

We see in exclusivity a major advantage to our valued clients. It enables us to have very competitive prices and a variety of products. Our commercial alliances are built upon non-compromising qualities concerning standards, including ISO, quality products, services and the ability to serve a predatory-like market.

Rotem Health and Safety holds a unique logistic base – unique by size, variety and rotation of products. Our special logistic base enables asuppliance to every place in the world. Our Purchasing Department is working continually, quickly and effectively, in order to grant all of our customers with the best solution to all needs.

Most of all, we are proud of our ability to come up with “Safety Solutions”, that will meet any needs, in accordance to the unique requirements of the standards. We are here to consult and advise, to purchase, service and maintain all needs, by our safety solutions, at any time. We see in our customers’ satisfaction – the foundations to our success, and we do our best to keep our reputation.