Horizon GreenTech Ventures

Horizon GreenTech Ventures Ltd is a Seed to Early-stage investment alliance, formed by a partnership between GE (previously Alstom S.A), Rotem Industries and Gefen Investments, leveraging synergetic scientific, technological, industrial and business expertise in the field of Green Energy.

At Horizon GreenTech Ventures, nurturing and supporting entrepreneurs with great ideas means much more than investing capital.
With a portfolio of 10 innovative startup companies, Horizon GreenTech Ventures mission is to accelerate the successful development of entrepreneurial companies by providing initial funding, technological and business support, industrial orientation, resources and unique services.

With distinctive track-record in the energy industry and outstanding R&D resources, we’re looking to nurture and invest in extraordinary entrepreneurs who have the ability to build excellent teams and great companies.

The company’s primary focus is on the development of novel Green Energy technologies. In our investments we look for unmet need and strong impact, novel proprietary technology, management and board experience and capital efficiency in the program.

Horizon GreenTech Ventures place tremendous value on creating working partnerships with entrepreneurs and management teams who have the character and the drive to succeed.


Horizon GreenTech Ventures hunt for compelling ideas:

What makes an idea compelling is something that reflects a deep understanding of a huge problem or opportunity, and offers a unique, innovative and lasting solution.

Horizon GreenTech Ventures look for extraordinary entrepreneurs:

To be committed, exceedingly motivated, passionate, energetic, experienced and with
applicable knowledge of the market and industry.

Horizon GreenTech Ventures pursue after solutions with sound market opportunity:

A non-crowded, large and growing market, with significant problem and opportunity to ascertain competitive advantage and barriers for entry.

For additional information visit the Horizon GreenTech Ventures website at: http://www.h-v.co.il/