Sapphire domes
  • Air-to-Air / Air to Surface missile sapphire domes
  • Surface-to-Surface / Anti-Tank missile sapphire domes
  • Sapphire domes for missiles warning & protection systems
  • Various sapphire domes for worldwide aerospace & marine applications.
  • Sapphire domes for international defense programs
Hyper Hemi-Spherical Sapphire Domes for DIRCM / CIRCM applications
  • A Remarkable Technological Breakthrough by Rotem Industries – Hyper Hemispherical Sapphire Dome
  • With over 45 years of experience in offering state-of-the-art solutions, Rotem is a well-known R&D center for the defense and smart high-end optical components markets,
  • Rotem has successfully developed remarkable technological breakthrough:
  • The hyper-hemispherical Sapphire dome or above 240° hemisphere in various diameters.
  • This unique technological development was extremely challenging due to its dimensions and geometric characteristics.
  • The hyper-hemispherical dome is specially designed for advanced DIRCM/CIRCM systems due to its wide viewing angle.
Sapphire windows
  • Anti-Ballistic Missiles
  • Targeting & Reconnaissance Pods/UAV payloads
  • Missile warning & protection systems/HLS

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