Rotem Industrial Park

Rotem Industrial Park, established by Rotem Industries Ltd., is an innovative technological complex for high-tech industry. A range of special features enables Rotem Industrial Park to provide the ideal environment for scientific and technological development. Developers and investors are afforded an unprecedented opportunity for the realization of innovative initiatives in an unparalleled nurturing incubator environment from start-ups through to marketing.

Backing and government support. Rotem Industrial Park enjoys preferred area status, providing high-tech industries with maximum government support and preferred status. This means that residents of the Park will enjoy grants and tax benefits amounting to thousands of NIS’s per square meter. Every economic organization and body, including the Israeli government, interested in the promotion and application of scientific discoveries, have joined together in support of Rotem Industrial Park.

We invite you to bring your ideas and initiatives – everything else needed for successful implementation is already in place.

The industrial infrastructure of the Park combines a range of institutions involved in joint activity within the Park and with outside parties. The strong social ties that develop out of these cooperative efforts result in a closely knit community – a family consisting of the Park’s first developers. This kind of synergy enhances cooperation and the distribution of information among all the local manufacturers. Interactive forums for unique cooperative programs among local industries ensure that new technological developments will be quickly shared among the Park’s high-tech residents enhancing you and your objectives. This represents a rare opportunity for you to join a business community characterized by stability, self-confidence, strategic vision and an administrative infrastructure.

Think about the opportunity… Every great idea needs a supportive environment in which to develop.

That’s the thinking that led to the establishment of Rotem Industrial Park in Dimona – the creation of a broad and conducive infrastructure for the fruition of initiatives and ideas with economic and technological promise.

We’ve thought about Silicon Valley… “Rotem Industrial Park” means sophisticated and dynamic technology, expert consultants, a flexible industrial and supply infrastructure, with well-organized professional and technical networks to provide you, the developer, with the optimal environment for your successful operations. We’ve carefully modeled ourselves on California’s Silicon Valley.

We’ve thought about your first steps…

Every developer at Rotem Industrial Park enjoys the full backing of the Park’s management in all matters concerning contacts with the local and government authorities, and the receipt of the appropriate permits. This frees the developer from all the bureaucracy, red tape and difficulties that often accompany the integration of new developers and start-ups into industrial areas. The personalized and individual service provided by the Park’s management, allows you to concentrate exclusively on promoting your project.

Let’s think about the future…

At Rotem Industrial Park you’re already living the strategic vision of high-tech industry. Here, information-intensive companies work side by side, streaming down the information highway. The selectively permeable borders between the park’s industries and the national and international medical and academic centers ensure swift transfer of information with full security and protection of sensitive information and confidential projects. This allows the Park’s residents a free flow of ideas, contacts and manpower with interactive feedback and professional support for fields such as materials engineering, electronics, chemicals, computers, physics, quality control and more.

This direct link between industrial scientists and engineers with the experts of academia, allows companies to keep their finger on the pulse of latest developments in a rapidly changing world. The free flow of information keep companies on the cutting edge, allowing them to develop the most relevant new applications for future technologies.