Testing and Validation Center

Rotem Innovation Center for Renewable Energy Technologies is a leading Israeli technological center engaged in R&D, incubation and commercialization of renewable energy technologies. The center has established a demonstration, testing and technology validation center for renewable energies.

The aim is to help investors, government agencies, industrial entities and other stake-holders to make informed decisions and reduce uncertainties due to the continuous generation of unbiased performance data of innovative solar technologies.

The center provides an exciting venue for researching, demonstrating, testing, and validating a broad range of solar and other renewables’ technologies at the early commercial or near-commercial stage of development. Its mission is to increase the efficiency of green energy technologies and rapidly deploy them to the commercial market.

The testing and demonstration center has been launched in an area of over 60,000 sqm in the Rotem Industrial Park, where optimum climate conditions for solar power exist throughout most of the year.

Currently, with 10 working pilots and further estimated 25 different technologies, all will be hosted at the center, for demonstration, testing and verification purposes. The hosted technologies will be measured on a continuous basis in field conditions, enabling collection and analysis of critical performance data of various PV, CPV and Solar Thermal technologies.

The testing and validation center is located within Rotem fully secured and properly maintained industrial park, with advanced infrastructure, operational and logistical facilities and technological centers that will support and provide a range of services in accordance to the needs of each hosted technology.

A variety of key players in the solar industry are likely to benefit from this initiative, primarily promoters and developers of renewable energy technologies who are in need for unbiased performance data of their technologies. In addition, banks, investors, government agencies, academies and industrial players are likely to benefit as well from access and exposure to this valuable data.




A Solar Thermal R&D Plant. Launched back in 208, this Solar Energy Development Center (SEDC) of BrightSource Energy Inc is a fully operational solar demonstration facility used to test
equipment, materials andbrightsource procedures as well as construction and operating methods. The SEDC is located in the Renewable Energy Center at Rotem Industrial Park.





Heliofocus develops a full system solution for providing solar heat using air as a heat transfer fluid. The company’s product comprises a unique receiver located at the focal of a large parabolic dish that reflects sun rays onto it.
The Company has recently launched its testing and demonstration facility at Rotem Industrial Park. The testing site will serve as the official test site of the company.





Brenmiller Energy , an Israeli solar-thermal developer. The Company has recently launched its testing and demonstration facility at the Renewable Energy Center at Rotem Industrial Park.

Current ALPHA site demonstrates a fully working full system, including Solar Trough-based System, Innovative Thermal Storage component etc.